About me

A little bit more about me, if you really want to know….

Aymen Jarouih, (born 06 april 1997) is a 23 year software engineer and consultant for international companies. He grew up and has a degree in CS. Aymen started his notable career in the Web development community, and is today associated with large companies and sizes website brands.

Online Career

Aymen has since 2017 been into doing SEO and web development, and was introduced to Search engine optimization in 2016, where he tried to rank his first website. The software development career grew by the day, for it to later expand into Aymen doing SEO professionally.

Professional Career

Aymen got his Specialized technician Applications development (.NET & JAVA) diploma from "Higher Institute for Applied Technology" of Marrakech and graduated with a Master from Higher Institute of Applied Engineering (ISGA) in 2020, where he studied Information Technology and started focusing on his software engineering career.