Technical SEO Consultant

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The SEO optimization of your website at a technical level is essential for it to be understood by search engines as well as by Internet users. This includes optimizing its structure and facilitating its accessibility while taking care of the user experience. As a Technical SEO Consultant I could make the use of your website optimal for each user for large and small brands website.

What is Technical SEO ?

The expression technical SEO generally refers to organic Search Engine Optimization actions that aim to ensure that all the necessary technical elements are in place globally to ensure the best possible indexing and positioning of a website. within the SERPs. Technical SEO is theoretically different from on-page SEO in that the optimization work is purely technical and independent of content.

The Importance Of A Technical SEO Consultant

The goal of technical SEO is to make the use of a website optimal for each user. All content must be accessible without problem and the user can easily navigate and find their way around the page. When it comes to concrete search engine optimization, technical SEO plays a big role when it comes to short load times, especially when it comes to numbers for possible conversions. A study published in 2015 found that the conversion figures increase by more than 20% per second of loading time. Google also takes short load times into account when evaluating and rating a website. Technical SEO is therefore doubly useful: it offers improved accessibility for users and it is an important prerequisite for better rankings.


This type of analysis makes perfect sense on large sites, of course, but from several hundred, several thousand pages, this type of analysis is useful. So the next time someone tells you that SEO is all about content now, I hope I've shown you that it's more complicated than that. You wouldn't know if it was that easy to reference a site.

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